Friday, November 30, 2007



Pebell said...

You have great pictures... some simple and some with effects that are powerful.

Anonymous said...

Mahomad, your photos are excellent,

Do you use fim or a digital camera?
If you use film do you develop you own pictures?

Kind regards, Rory

Mohamed said...


Thanks for your kind words.

I have a digital camera. It's Fuji 8.3 mega pixels. My first camera was a 0.3 mega pixels one :), then my father bought me a Panasonic 4 mega pixels. When I participated in a photo competition I won the Fuji 8.3 mega pixels camera.

I didn't try film cameras before, I don't know how their images look like.

What do you mean by "own pictures"? Do you mean a personal image?!!


Anonymous said...

Oh by own pictures I mean't did some one process them for you if you were using film, some people, but not many process their own film, but since you are using a digital camera it is moot.

Film is nice to work with, but expensive. A good 35mm film camera is the best! (I think, but I am old fashioned) :)

Congratulations on winning the competition, but your photos really are good so I am not surprised that you won.