Thursday, July 19, 2007


Bakee' is the place where first and early Muslims are buried, ans also Sahaba(Fellows of Prophet Muhammad).

In the beneath of the image you can see the Bakee' itself, and in the background you can see the Prophet's mosque.


mido_6000 said...

thats really a good picture.

i am so happy that you remembered me.

i took a decision that i will enter fenon gamela if i got its percent,i took last years 86%.

please tell me if my blog looks good or not and give me advices because you are experianced in blogs.

mido_6000 said...

first,thanks for you helpful advices.

second,i passed the test of fenon tatbekia and fenon gamela.

third,about the blog,i want your help,i want to change the name of the blog and when i enter to puplishing in settings and i write a new name and click save settings it returns to its original name.

please tell me a solution

thanks for all what you do to me